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Translations of History: Story-telling in Brian Friel’s Theatre

Preview Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Notes 1. Kirkpatrick London: St James Press, Google Scholar 2.

All quotations from Selected Plays are from this edition; hereafter, page numbers will be given in the text, preceded by SP. Google Scholar 3.

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Set in Ballybeg at the Big House of Christopher Gore, his son David and their housekeeper, Margaret whom they both love , The Home Place illustrates the clash between two ideologies, British imperialism and Irish nationalism. It also tackles the issue of who gets to claim an Irish identity as the hibernicised Christopher does, and who is the arbitrator of that claim.

Although raised in Donegal, Christopher spent his childhood summers in Kent, England. Richard Gore.

Field Day Founded in by a group of Northern Irish artists and intellectuals, the Field Day Theatre Company was intended to make Derry and the North in general a vital centre for theatre and the arts. The company created a mandate to explore questions of history, language, culture and nationality through its theatrical work, while its more overtly political interventions were in the form of the Field Day pamphlets on literature and colonialism, none of which Friel authored.

Moreover, by the early s all of its founding directors were engaged in pursuing their own careers which took them away from the geographic confines of Derry.

Maybe a bit like people of my own generation in Ireland today. Or maybe I find those Russians sympathetic because they have no expectations whatever from love but still invest everything in it.


Or maybe they attract me because they seem to expect that their problems will disappear if they talk about them — endlessly. Friel did not speak Russian, so instead worked with several English and American translations of the play to construct a version written in a Hiberno-English dialect.

Conclusion For over 50 years Friel explored the spiritual and social upheavals of an emerging modern Ireland through stories and dramas about ordinary people.

Often, his characters do not fully comprehend the effects on their lives of the historical, social and economic factors that are their inheritance. He has created some of the greatest roles for Irish actors in contemporary theatre, while remaining steadfast in his investigation of his major themes - the role of history and memory in our lives, exile and the search for home, the importance of language and how we use it to communicate.

They are about to disappear. But the magic of the theatre in the hands of a magus like Friel is that this disappearance can be delayed indefinitely. People can be held, in all their confusion, in a kind of suspended animation that defies their doom. They want to be engaged mentally, and if the dramatist does this he is succeeding.

I pray that they will find their reward in putting us in touch again with our heedless souls, of lifting the veil again on those neglected values that we need to embrace if we are to be fully human.


I solemnly pray that they will find great, great reward in that unique venture. Friel, Brian.

Dublin: Carysfort Press, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, London: Faber and Faber, London: Bloomsbury, Manchester: Manchester University Press, Dublin: The Lilliput Press, Google Scholar 6.

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Brian Friel. Google Scholar Michael Ratcliffe, Observer, 5 June Both Irish and English characters in the play "speak" their respective languages, but in actuality it is English that is mostly spoken by the actors.

Hugh - a large man in his late sixties, perpetually drunk. In Translations, Friel presents the Irish English to its audience by "trouble[ing] the 'English' surfaces of the play, using Irish English in ways that keep its language 'other' to audiences whose English isn't Irish" [33]. When he finds out about a kiss between the two he sets out to attack Yolland, but in the end cannot bring himself to do it.

He was also unique among contemporary Irish dramatists in that, with the exception of Beckett, many of his plays had attained canonical status during his lifetime. Donnelly Twins - they are referred to several times throughout the play, but are never shown on-stage.

Also in the house is an American academic, Tom Hoffnung, who is writing a history of the family. With him are Captain Lancey, a middle-aged, pragmatic cartographer , and Lieutenant Yolland, a young, idealistic and romantic orthographer , both working on the six-inch-to-the-mile map survey of Ireland for the Ordnance Survey.

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