Food Science and Technology has 60 entries in the series. Food: Food & Food Chemistry, Food Science, Preservation. FOR RELATED Glossary of Chocolate and Baking Technology [food], On-Line, Free. Developing . This electronic collection includes most journals from volume 1, and e-books from onward. It also includes many books in series and reference works.

Ebook Food Technology

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Products 1 - 13 of 13 Looking for Food Technology products? We have a fantastic range for you to choose from. Find out more here. eBooks Catalog - Food Science and Nutrition. Free Samples ยท Application of Alternative Food-Preservation Technologies to Enhance Food Safety and Stability. Springer's Content Solution for Food Science includes a range of authoritative eBooks and. eJournals covering current topics in Food Science and Nutrition.

They are from more than 15 countries with diverse expertise and background in the discipline of food science. These experts were led by an international editorial team of 13 members from 8 countries.

All these individuals, authors and editors, are responsible for assembling 2, printed pages of scientific topics of immense complexity. In sum, the end product is unique, both in depth and breadth, and will serve as an essential reference on food science for professionals in government, industry, and academia. The editorial team thanks all the contributors for sharing their experience in their fields of expertise. They are the people who make this book possible.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from the fruits of their labor. We know how hard it is to develop the content of a book. However, we believe that the production of a professional book of this nature is even more difficult. You are the best judge of the quality of this book. Hui J. Culbertson S.

Graduate Programs

Duncan I. Guerrero-Legarreta E. Li-Chan C. Manley T. McMeekin W. Nip L.

Nollet M. Rahman F. Xiong The Editor Dr. Hui holds a Ph. He is semi-retired and has been a consultant to the food industry since Jeff Culbertson is a professor of food science at the University of Idaho. He earned his B. For a number of years he was the manager of Corporate Quality at the Kellogg Corporation.


He maintains an active consulting business with many Fortune clients from the food and beverage industry. Susan E. She earned her Ph. She is the director of the Macromolecular Interfaces with Life Sciences Program, a multidisciplinary graduate program integrating polymer chemistry and life sciences.

She has authored 50 peer-reviewed research publications and 7 book chapters.

About Seemant Chauhan

Eunice C. Her significant research contributions include pioneering studies that launched the use of Raman spectroscopy and fluorescent hydrophobic probes as tools to study food protein systems, research that established the potential and protocols for using egg yolk antibodies in lieu of mammalian polyclonal antibodies in immunochemistry and immunoaffinity techniques, and the isolation and characterization of value-added proteins and peptides as functional food ingredients.

Her publication record includes authorship or coauthorship in over 75 original articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, more than 25 chapters in books, and a book entitled Hydrophobic Interactions in Food Systems , CRC Press.

She received a B. Her research and teaching work has been focused on meat and fish preservation and utilization in subtropical areas.

She has also studied the obtainment of products from marine resources, stressing the utilization of marine underutilized material and its by-products. Her professional contributions include over papers, book chapters, and a patent on industrial carotenoid pigment separation from shrimp wastes. Ma obtained his Ph. After working as a research scientist in Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for 16 years, he is now a professor of food science at the University of Hong Kong.

His current research activities include the study of structure-function relationships of food proteins and bioactive peptides.

Selected eBooks for Food Science

Professor Ma also studies the potential uses of under-utilized protein sources from cereal and legume seeds, and the improvements of functional properties of these proteins by various chemical and physical methods.

Charles Manley received his Ph. He received a B. He has worked as a research chemist for the Givaudan Company, and in various research and management positions within a number of Unilever Companies, including manager of Beverage Development and Technology for Thomas J. Currently he serves as vice president of science and technology for Takasago International Corporation U.

Takasago is one of the leading Global Flavor and Fragrance Companies with sales volumes in the top five. His major corporate responsibilities have been in managing commercialization of scientific research efforts and departments at both Unilever and Takasago. He has made major professional contributions, including over publications, patents, and presentations in the field of flavor ingredient safety, food processing and science, and natural product chemistry.

Nip received his B.

He has taught classes in food processing, food safety, and experimental foods. Research activities include handling and processing of tropical fruits and vegetables, and aquatic foods. He has published numerous refereed articles, proceeding papers, and book chapters, and coedited several books in the food science and techology area. He is also the senior contributor of a patent. He has served at various capacities in local and national scientific organizations.

Leo M. Nollet is a professor of biotechnology at Hogeschool Ghent, Ghent, Belgium.

The author and coauthor of numerous articles, abstracts, and presentations, Dr. His research interests include food analysis techniques, HPLC, and environmental analysis techniques. He received an M. Rahman has initiated the International Journal of Food Properties Marcel Dekker and has been serving as the founding editor for more than 6 years.

He received B. He is also an associate professor of food technology at the Polytechnical University of Valencia.

His research interests are based on food chemistry and biochemistry with special focus on muscle foods. Jackson Author Paul Singh Author Stewart Other B. Schweigert Other Troller Author Steve Taylor Other Shewfelt Editor Stanley E.

Food Science & Human Nutrition: Books & E-Books

Prussia Editor The Chemistry and Technology Walter Editor Steve Taylor Other Structure-Function Properties Gluten-Free Cereal Products Nutraceutical and Functional Walter Author Steve Taylor Other Bjeldanes Author Bleibaum Editor Statistical Methods in Food Author B. Schweigert Editor Author Jagbir Singh Author Food Process Engineering and Functional Properties of Food Thermobacteriology in Food Food Preservation Techniques This book provides information on new and existing developments and the ways they can be combined to preserve particular foods.

Food Product Development Explains the means to making product development a success. Handbook of Food Additives, Third Edition This third edition has been extensively updated and expanded. It describes more than trade names, and more than generic chemicals and materials, available from worldwide manufacturers, that function as direct additives in food that is available for consumption.

Innovations in food Labelling Innovations in Food Labeling provides information about the principles and requirements of food labeling and reviews the latest trends in this area. Following an introduction on the evolution of food labeling, further chapters cover the Codex Alimentarius and food labeling, international trade agreements, nutrition labeling, allergies and food labels and environmental and social labels, among other topics.

Innovative Food Processing Technologies This book focuses on the use of multiphysics modelling in the development, optimization, and scale-up of new food processing technologies.Heldman Author We hope you enjoy and benefit from the fruits of their labor. Bjeldanes Author Rao, Syed S.

He has served at various capacities in local and national scientific organizations. His research interests are based on food chemistry and biochemistry with special focus on muscle foods.

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