Mahabharat () by Kaliprasanna Singha. Subject: First translation of Mahabharata in modern Bengali. First translation of Mahabharata in. webtiekittcenve.cf: Singha, Kaliprasanna, Tr. webtiekittcenve.cfption: Completed 18 parts of Mahabharat webtiekittcenve.cfpe: application/pdf. Publication Title, (Sachitra) Mahabharat. Swargiya Mahatma Kaliprasanna Singha Mahodoy Kotrik Anudita. Document Type, Book. Language Udjog Parbo, , unknown, Download PDF ( MB). Selected, Vishma Parbo,

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One of the most beautiful, through and rigorous translation from original Sanskrit to Bengali was done by famous Kaliprasanna Singha. DC Field, Value, Language. webtiekittcenve.cf, Krishnadwaipayan, Bedabyas, -. webtiekittcenve.cf, Singha, Kaliprasanna, tr. -. webtiekittcenve.cf Kaliprasanna Singha (23 February (?) – 24 July ) was a Bengali author , playwright, and philanthropist. His most famous work was the translation of the ancient Hindu epic Mahabharata into Bengali. . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

Wrote a biting prose satire on society, Hutom Penchar Naksha which is important for using simple Bengali in literature instead of a language weighed down by Sanskrit words. Died aged only He dedicated his translation to Empress Victoria in gratitude for the British rescuing Bharatavarsha from the mortal clutches of the Mughals.

He compares his offering to the gods offering the parijat flower churned out of the ocean to Purandara. The intention behind the translation was a faith that it would redound to the country's good.

He trusts that Hindusthan will be lit up during her reign by hundreds of lamps of Sanskrit literature as during Vikramaditya's reign by Kalidas etc. He states that he engaged 7 pandits for the work, omitting and adding nothing.

He excluded Harivamsa as he found its composition to be plainly later than the epic.

Mahabharata Related Works in Bengali

He had a plan to publish its translation along with those of the Puranas. What the editors of the critical text of the MBH have done now, Kaliprasanna Singha did in , collating manuscripts from Asiatic Society, Sovabazar palace, collections of Asutosh Deb, Jatindramohon Thakur, and his own great grandfather Shantiram Singha's collection in Kashi. He acknowledges with gratitude the help he received in resolving contradictions in the texts and making out the meaning of knotty Vyasa-kuta slokas from Calcutta Sanskrit Vidyamandir's teacher Taranath Tarkavacaspati.

He records with profound gratitude that Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar began a translation of MBH and had published some parts of it in Brahmo Samaj's Tattavabodhini magazine, but stopped the work on hearing of Kaliprasanna's project. He not only went through Kaliprasanna's translation but whenever he was out of Calcutta, Vidyasagar supervised the printing and the work of translation in his absence.

Kaliprasanna writes that he has no words to express the benefits Vidyasagar showered on him. He gives special thanks to several friends viz.

He deplores the death of 10 members of his team of translators and thanks those engaged till the end, viz. Abhaycharan Tarkalankar, Krishnadhan Vidyaratna, Ramsevak Vidyalankar, Hemchandra Vidyaratna and the proof readers he mentions all their names.

Krishna-Arjuna Samvada Dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna It describes the complex circumstances on the eve of the great battle of Kurukshetra that leads to Arjuna's terrible dejection.

Krishna dispels his doubts and conflicts one by one. Without Radha how could we ever find the Krishna the lover?


When life becomes a desert under the scorching heart of despair, casting aside all pride Krishna's heart thirsts for the land of Braja and his mind and heart veritably become Vrindavan.

A psychological probe into.

Draupadi's self-awareness, her deep love for Arjuna, her awareness of her father's dark reasons behind the holding of her swayamvara. In the political gambling she stands as a stake to ensure Yudhisthira's final victory, a sacrifice to political skulduggery.

Kurukshetre Dwaipayana Dwaipayana in Kurukshetra This is not the Maharishi, but a down-to-earth character, full of malice and hatred, shrewdly entering Hastinapur politics as Satyavati's son. He sides with the Pandavas to avenge himself on Bhishma, guiding from behind the screen his son Vidura, the Pandavas and even Krishna himself.

Gandhari, Kurukshetre Gandhari Gandhari in Kurukshetra [Asamia ] Assamese translation by Pranabpran Bhattacharya Jyoti Prakashan, Guwahati The moving tale of Gandhari's predicament as a mother who has no sympathy for her own sons.


She is the first mother to believe her enemies and blames the misdeeds of the Pandavas on her own son Duryodhana. She realises that taking advantage of her simple faith, she has been fooled. Urvashi Janani Mother Urvashi A moving tale of the awakening of motherhood in the courtesan of heaven whose infinite variety and charm age could not steal.

The empress of the Puru dynasty casts off her traditional womanliness and wealth to get lost in the world of men. To please men, for the sake of Pururava's political gains.

Then she meets Arjuna who calls her 'Mother'. Ashwatthama re-sites the hostility between Panchal and Hastinapur to take vengeance for his father Dronacharya's death. A gripping story of hermit Ashwatthama's conversion into an avenger. Tomari Naam Karna Karna is your name Based on the self-destructive struggle of illegitimate Karna against his environs, his near and dear ones, the mystery of his birth and his own conflicts.

The novel presents a Karna of flesh and blood, very much alive in our own society. Pitamaha Bhishma Grandfather Bhishma The complete Bhishma - ascetic, politician, diplomat and manipulator, above all, a remarkable man of flesh and blood.

কালিপ্রসন্ন সিংহের মহাভারত- Mahabarata Kaliprasanna Singha

Amba and Dwaipayan entered the life of this guardian of Hastinapur through the fissure of his vow to gratify his father. They ruined his life, but none could even catch a glimpse of his agonized heart atoning for his errors of commission and omission. Ashramkanya Shakuntala Shakuntala, daughter of a hermitage Bold and full of self-respect, she rears her child without anyone's help like a modern woman who knows how to rebel, true to herself.He never sought to return there either.

Soldiers sworn to conquer or die. According to a witness " The performance of 'Sakuntala' at Simla was, however a failure, This is not to be wondered at; for Sakuntala being a masterpiece of dramatic genius, requires versatile and consummate talent for its representation, rarely to be met with in this country.

Dwaipayane Duryodhan Duryodhana in Dwaipayana Faulty strategy brought about the fall or Duryodhana in the battle of Kurukshetra.

He compares his offering to the gods offering the parijat flower churned out of the ocean to Purandara.


After wife's death, remarried and she survived him. He leaves out discussion and summaries of Sanskrit literature based on Asiatic researches and Max Muller's edition of texts to avoid any controversy that might harm the unrestricted acceptance of his translation. Krishna dispels his doubts and conflicts one by one.

Kaliprasanna died before having any issue. He pays a fulsome tribute to Kashiram Deb's translation in Bengali verse, regretting that details of his life and dates are not recorded anywhere.

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