Zen To Done (ZTD) is a system that is at once simple, and powerful, and will help you develop the habits that keep all of your tasks and projects organized, that. Zen To Done. Introduction. Zen To Done is a time and task management method created by Leo Babauta at webtiekittcenve.cf which is based on the GTD. Zen to Done is Leo Babauta's response to two of the best and most popular productivity systems; David Allen's Getting Things Done and Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Successful People. Zen to Done is a relatively short E-Book that I encourage you to download and read in full if you.

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Zen To Done is a simple system to get you more organized and productive, and Formats: The version sold on this site comes in PDF format. While it's called Getting Things Done, often what we end up doing most of the time is Getting Things in Our Trusted System. The book, while. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Leo Babauta has been a reporter, editor, speechwriter, and freelance writer for the last 17 years. Babauta lives in Guam with.

ZTD focuses in on your big goals and ensures that you keep addressing these and working towards your ultimate goals.

If you adopt ZTD, you are under no obligation to do all 10 habits Collect Habit Carry a small notebook and write down any tasks, ideas, etc. Process Habit Subscribe to view the full document. Do your MITs early in the day. Do Habit Do one task at a time, without distractions.

Select one of your MITs and focus on it to the exclusion of all else. No distractions.

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Simple Trusted System Habit keep simple lists, check daily. Keep your lists as simple as possible.

Either use a simple notebook or index cards for your lists, or use the simplest list program possible. And this is unavoidable. In this situation, take note of where you are at in your current task, deal with the urgent situation and return to your task as soon as possible. Babauta believes that we get too caught up in trying them out, seeing what else is out there and learning new tools that our work comes second.

In the ZTD system, Babauta recommends selecting one system, and using the simplest tools possible, and sticking to it. And for physical filing consider manila folders, and for digital files, use your basic computer documents system. Have a physical inbox where papers, bills etc.

And ensure that you go through this and empty it regularly just like your email inbox. Everything should have a home, nothing truly belongs on the bench or next to the door. Consider where your belongings should be and put them there whenever you are done with them. Keep all flat surfaces clear, just because they are flat does not mean they are a place to put things!

All you are really doing with these is procrastinating.

Zen Habits

And put labels on things so you know what they are and where they belong. Invest in a label maker if you like! Put things away as soon as you are done with them.

Never put anything aside to deal with later. This will eventually become automatic.

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A few minutes now is a lot easier than hours later when you have countless things to put away. There are 5 steps to keep in mind when you carry out your review to keep it simple and straightforward: Consider and review both your one key long-term and one key short-term goals. Doing this for the first time will lay the foundations and every week following you can simply re-visit the goals and review whatever progress you have made. Collect and go over all of your notes.

Even the ones that are already completed. Ensure nothing gets missed. Familiarise yourself with your follow-up list so you know what needs to be done next week. Identify your short-term goal for the following week and make plans towards your long-term goals.

Print it out and post it up if necessary. Send yourself email reminders.

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Tell everyone about it. However you do it, maintain that laser focus, and it will happen. An important lesson from Babauta, and one we all struggle with is our commitments. Too easily we agree to every opportunity regardless of whether we truly want to do them or not.

ZTD Habit 2: Process – Make Quick Decisions on Things In Your Inbox

By simply saying no to more and placing more value on your time you will find a sense of freedom. Only commit to things that make you happy and have the ability to add value to your life.

Babauta explains that our current lives are full of incoming information and this can lead to overwhelm. Eliminate the amount of websites you view, commit to only reading one news site not 6 or 7. Cut back on RSS feeds and consider how many emails you receive and how many truly require a response. Eliminate the rest.

All of the little tasks that come up during that day can be written down and dealt with later. Following a simple routine will help you take control over your life and set you up for success.

The Ten Habits of Zen to Done

Babauta recommends having a morning routine, and actually establishing two slightly separate ones. One for when you wake up at home and a second when you arrive at work.

If you want these to be part of your morning, then set aside some time.But ZTD takes some of the problems that people have in implementing it, and adapts it for real life.

Too easily we agree to every opportunity regardless of whether we truly want to do them or not. Do your MITs early in the day to get them out of the way and to ensure that they get done. Keep in mind that instead of trying to implement all 10 ZTD habits at once, Leo recommends that you choose one habit at a time and focus on it for 30 days.

If you schedule these first, the other little tasks small rocks and gravel will filter in around your big rocks and your schedule will be complete. At the beginning of your week, you should identify the biggest tasks for the week big rocks.

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