Chico Xavier Spirist Society, spiritism, Spiritist center california, 70 SKYVIEW TERRACE # C, SAN RAFAEL, CA , Chico Xavier medium, charity. Assisted by highly evolved spiritual Guides, “Chico” Xavier as sold, it was the first book Xavier received from the spirit André Luiz., This book was followed. In Slujba Vietii Eterne - Chico Xavier - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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CANOTILHO, JJ Gomes Direito Constitucional e Teoria da Uploaded by. Tatiane Silva · - (Chico Xavier - Emmanuel) - Entender. writing by our two friends Francisco Cândido Xavier and Dr. Waldo Vieira, 1 Mr. Xavier received the chapters of odd numbers and Dr. Vieira the even ones. Download In Slujba Vietii Eterne - Chico Xavier DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link.

Many spirit helpers arrive at the home and Andy learns a lot about the activities of these spirit helpers. We learn that even on earth maybe especially on earth , there are demented spirits who try to disrupt the helpers. In fact, Andy is amazed at the number of dark-looking spirits who seem to be everywhere around town. He says that anywhere he went, there were easily as many discarnates as people in the flesh.

As Andy gains spiritual strength, he is able to see more and more of what had been invisible to him before. Here is an interesting conversation between Aniceto and Andy as they rested in the countryside from their work: "But does the mental matter emitted by individuals also have a life of its own, just like microbes that generate physical illnesses"?

You both know that incarnated humans are both physical and psychological beings. When one examines a physical illness, one doesn't take into consideration only the physiological situation, but also the psychological status of the individual.

In this way, when it comes to people who have no knowledge of spiritual realities, not only the bodies, but also the minds, become ill.

Although humans move around in an ocean of nitrogen and breathe in approximately one thousand liters per day, they cannot absorb it directly from the air. For the time being, God has not permitted the development of cells in the human body which are capable of spontaneously absorbing nitrogen, such as is the case for oxygen. It is only the plant kingdom which is capable of removing nitrogen from the soil and fixing it, so that other beings can live.

Each grain of wheat is a blessing, and each fruit is a receptacle of sugar and albumin, loaded with indispensable nitrogen. All farming and cattle ranches are nothing more than the organized and methodological search for this precious element.

If humans could fix only a small part of the nitrogen that they take in daily, Earth would be transformed into a true spiritual paradise. But if the Lord gives us much, it is also reasonable that He expects us to collaborate and make an effort towards our own happiness.

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Even in "Nosso Lar", we are far from being able to absorb our nutrition entirely from the air. It is meant as a rehabilitation process for the many suffering spirits who the helpers bring to the meeting. Aniceto explains that the anguished-looking spirits being helped into the house are living in a world of their own making.

He says: "The concept of the oneness of the universe is a vision not all can grasp, and it can cost a high price that we are not always willing to pay. We find it tough to do away with old habits and get on the right path.

Under these circumstances, once we discarnate, the environment that we will find ourselves in will be full of the mental creations that we lived with while incarnated. Consequently, it's logical that those who thought and talked about nothing else but their illnesses will find themselves enslaved to these thoughts once in the spiritual world.

Andy joins in this work and finds he has cured a spirit of her blindness. He is startled as she says to him, "Who are you, Messenger of God? Aniceto tells him not to be affected by the woman's natural reaction and go on with his work and Andy finds he is not successful with everyone he tries to heal. At the meeting are also people in the flesh, and several engage in a conversation about the work of mediums.

There is a discussion of "phony mediums" and other problems with the process. We learn that good communication between the physical and spiritual planes depends on a lot of factors and can be disrupted by bad intentions or the presence of individuals not ready for serious communication.

It is an imperfect process with many pitfalls. Aniceto, Andy and Vincent are called to help a woman who has just died and is afraid to leave her physical body. She is in the morgue, lying on a slab, with the spirit of a young man who loved her close by, trying to coax her from her body.

Aniceto takes over and tells the women that he is a doctor who has a new treatment. Aniceto tells her "Death doesn't exist He too is helped to peacefully pass to the world of spirit. Finally, Andy's first experience as a Messenger was over, and it was time to return to Nosso Lar. The story of Andy's experiences as a Messenger makes interesting reading and as you can see from this summary, there are many ideas in this material that are generally unfamiliar, such as: The spirit world has colonies and outposts; spirits travel by flying, walking and even by vehicles; spirits are all around us and can influence us; spirits assist us when we are dying so we can separate from our bodies; spirits use magnetic healing.

The Messengers comes with an Introduction, a Prologue and a Preface. There is also a glossary in the back that gives more information on Spiritist concepts. He mostly hears sad stories of past failures. Andy is a bit shaken, but ready to move forward. Advanced spirits have the ability to move rapidly and safely from one place to another, and there is a safe pathway back to earth, but Andy and Vincent do not have enough spiritual energy to use this method, so they must make the trip by a longer and more difficult method.

They come to a region that is dense, dark and a bit eerie. In this forbidding place, Andy suddenly becomes aware that his spirit body is radiating light! He is overwhelmed with joy at the realization that his spiritual energy is increasing. But the journey continues until they come to an outpost surrounded by thick walls.

This is a place of light in the dark region dedicated to helping the unfortunate spirits inhabiting this region. Here the messengers from Nosso Lar will rest and visit with Alfred, the administrator of the outpost.

The outpost is an amazing place, where the spirit helpers who live within its walls must defend against constant attacks from deranged discarnates whose anger and hatred cause fierce magnetic storms.

Only within the walls can rescue and rehabilitation happen.

Missionaries of the Light

The workers within minister to many confused and sick spirits who are well enough to receive help. They also have long wards of beds where the "sleepers" lay, reliving their worst actions on earth in a dreamlike state.

Skilled workers assist these poor souls in an effort to awaken them to the reality of their situation. Andy meets Alfred and his beautiful wife, Ismalia, who lives in a higher plane and is with Alfred only for a visit. Alfred has another sad story to tell, about his life on earth and a friend who told a false story about Ismalia, whom he had sexually harassed.

A jealous Alfred believed the stories and left Ismalia and his children and only returned after Ismalia had passed on. When the man who had given false witness was on his death bed, he told Alfred the truth.

When Afred passed on, he learned that Ismalia had worked to help him from the other side. He wanted to be with her again, but, due to his need to make amends, was only able to have her visit from time to time. Since becoming administrator of the Outpost, he had been working diligently to serve others. Later we meet Paul, the man who had falsely accused Ismalia. He is tortured by the memory of what he did not only to Ismalia, but other women as well and the lives he helped ruin. We find that Alfred and Ismalia have not only forgiven him but are now working to help him.

They are carrying out Jesus' dictum to do good to those who harm you. Aniceto explains: "The criminal cannot run away from universal justice, because the crime committed will be carried in his or her conscience. On Earth or over here, each individual lives in the reality of his or her own interior world.

We all have to live with the most intimate creations of our minds. A spectacle of "special effects" along with music makes this an event unique to the spirit world.

But soon the astral travelers continue their journey.

It seems there are many modes of transportation in the spirit world and in this case, Alfred provides a car and driver to take the travelers through some difficult areas ahead. They used "volitation" to get the rest of the way to the coast of Brazil. Volitation is a method of "flying" - just moving without using your feet. This home is occupied by a widow, Isabel, and her five children, but is also a sort of "safe house" for spirit workers.

Isabel has four girls and a boy. The girls and their mother are tuned in to the spirits around them, but the boy is different and takes no interest in the spiritual activities of the home, causing sorrow for Isobel. We learn a great deal about how spirits and humans interact from this part of the story.

We learn that much spiritual activity goes on at night, when those in the body can leave their physical body and join the spirits. Isabel's deceased husband, Isadore, joins her and other incarnate persons also come, in their spirit bodies. However, we mation, including the surname of J. These without any interaction with the receivers of the letter. The fact to everyone attending the mediumistic session.


Chance alone could have are fraud and cryptomnesia i. We do local papers did not publish any photographs of J. Xavier psychographed these letters through very long hours the possibility of survival of consciousness. However, a number of contemporary philosophers of very unlikely that Xavier would have employed fraudulent the mind have suggested34—36 that reductionist materialistic schemes such as secretly eavesdropping conversation to approaches to consciousness are inadequate to fully explain obtain this information, as the production of these letters the correlation between brain processes and mind states or why by fraudulent means would have required a very sophisti- brain processes should give rise to conscious experience at all.

On the next day, a woman contacted J. Other Maior MS. As Vidas de Chico Xavier. Planeta; controlled studies on mediums as exceptionally gifted as Xavier are also imperative. As Chalmers34 pointed out: Stoll SJ. Edusp; Rocha AC.

Retrieved in from Biblioteca Digital da remains open. This would be a very different sort of explan- Unicamp [code vtls]. Langellier JP. Le Monde, But if we make these changes, Ponsardin M. Chico Xavier: Miami, FL: Lewgoy B. O Grande Mediador: Chico Xavier e a Cultura Brasileira. Edusc; Severino PR. FE Editora; Acknowledgments Playfair GL. Medium of the Century. Costa U. Accessed O caso Humberto de Campos: D thesis. Retrieved in from Biblioteca 1. Altering consciousness: History, Culture, and the Humanities, volume I.

Santa Silva CA. As cartas de Chico Xavier: Praeger; Moreira-Almeida A. Research on mediumship and the mind— Xavier FC. GEEM; brain relationship.

Exploring Frontiers of the Mind—Brain Relationship. New York, Somos Seis. Springer; ;— Beischel J, Schwartz GE. Anomalous information reception by Stevenson I. The Investigation of Reincarnation Cases: Suggestions for research mediums demonstrated using a novel triple-blind pro- the Guidance of Investigators.

University of Virginia tocol. Explore NY.

School of Medicine; Alvarado CS. Dissociation in Britain during the late nineteenth Riessman CK. Narrative Analysis.After Xavier without any pauses. All but one item Between the years and , Xavier psychographed 12 more letters Analysis of the Fit of the 13 Letters allegedly authored by the spirit of J.

This study investigated the alleged Results: He is overwhelmed with joy at the realization that his spiritual energy is increasing. Only within the walls can rescue and rehabilitation happen. All names were and facts that were not related to J. Alvarado CS.

The Messengers comes with an Introduction, a Prologue and a Preface. Each one emitted luminous 14 of the Light rays that differed greatly from each other in intensity and color.

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