Default Open-In Application: Based on the screenshot, it looks like you have set Firefox as the default application to open your PDF documents on that computer. to the name of whatever you want your file to be saveAs(blob, ""); } href="" download="">. But imagine that your server expects a HTTP request (of course an on the parameter it will be serving you either a pdf file or a zip file. I have uploaded the sample to my OneDrive, so you can download and play around.

Angularjs Pdf File From Server Example

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Sometime developer need to download PDF file and print that pdf shared a code snippet for download pdf then print that pdf using angularJS. With this simple sample code snippet, you can easily download & print pdf by. A sample web application and discussions on creating, displaying, and client Angular CLI or AngularJS Components, and also presenting resolutions for web No physical PDF file is created on Web API server drives.">.

The browser then takes over to provide features including print-preview Chrome and Edge , page size and orientation, headers and footers, output device including PDF output , etc. This approach has some advantages and some limitations. The main disadvantage is that HTML is provides little control over page dimensions. Headers, footers, and margins are defined outside the report, between the user and the browser.

CSS attributes provide some control over page breaks, though, so this is not as big a limitation as it may seem at first.

An example of a simple AngularJS report We have created a sample application demonstrating the basic ideas behind creating simple reports.

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You can see it live, inspect the source code, or download the sample here : The sample implements a few reports, all based on the same mechanism: Load the report data into one or more CollectionView objects, Define an HTML fragment that uses ng-repeat directives and templates to define the report content, Render the report into a PrintDocument and print it.

Loading the report data The report data is typically downloaded from a server using a web service. This is what we used in the sample, which is based on the traditional NorthWind database. Notice how the groupDescriptions property is initialized with a PropertyGroupDescription object whose function returns the first letter in the product name. When the CollectionView is loaded, in addition to the regular items collection containing the products, it will contain a groups collection containing CollectionViewGroup objects.

This is very useful for creating grouped reports. This is done to prevent downloading the images that are not used in our reports and are relatively large and slow to download.

The application repeats this pattern to load employees, customers, sales, and invoice data. If your data is not available as an OData source, you can still get the data using regular HttpRequest calls and create CollectionView objects based on arrays of data objects.


Filters can also be used to format numbers and currencies. That is followed by the report body, which has an ng-repeat directive that enumerates the categories. This causes the browser to keep categories together on a page if possible. It also make the watermark visible only on printed output and not on the screen. Internet Explorer and Edge do it correctly; Chrome renders the watermark only on the first page.

Simple file upload example using AngularJS

We hope this will be fixed soon. It renders the country name and total sales, and then uses another ng-repeat directive to enumerate the salespersons within that country.

Posted Apr 2: Add a Solution. Will you please share some code block to understand your requirement? Rohith Reddy Vadiyala Apr 9: I have shared the code that I started with.

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Posted Apr 0: Rohith Reddy Vadiyala Apr 1: Actually the problem is I could able to download a file pdf but while opening it throws error in adobe reader: Posted 3-May Add your solution here. OK Paste as. Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML.

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Do you need your password? Submit your solution! When answering a question please: Frame load interrupted" and it doesn't download at all Hey man try this, it just worked for me: Hi, is it possible to modify this awesome code will being upload directly using web api to another server? Did you get any solution for it?

Would be helpful if you can share anything to make it work in Safari. Thanks a lot for this simple yet Powerful code, helped a lot. However it does not works in Safari, any help please?

With RequireJS

Any workaround? Hi Jaliya. Thanks for tutorial. I checked browser developer tool the filename is in headers but i cannot get it.

Any help will be great. Monday, May 2, AngularJS: But imagine that your server expects a HTTP request of course an authenticated request , and he will be serving you the file as a octet-stream or as an Attachment in the response. To understand the scenario properly, consider the following Web API action. Empty; if name. Equals "pdf" , StringComparison. Equals "zip" , StringComparison.

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This is a simple angular. Hi Jaliya. April and salary with experience.

This is done using the page-break-before, page-break-after, and page-break-inside CSS properties. What is an AngularJS Module? The browser also does not support the download attribute in the dynamic link.

The directive used for including content is the "include directive". This uploader is also restricted in allowed extensions jpeg, jpg, gif, and png This demo uses the default simple thumbnails template bundled with Fine Uploader UI.

Let's look at the below code base and explain how this can be achieved using Angular.

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