On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the tenth novel in Ian Fleming's James Bond series, first published in the UK by Jonathan Cape on 1 April The initial and secondary print runs sold out, with over 60, books sold in the first month. Fleming wrote the book in Jamaica whilst the first film in the Eon Productions. On Her Majesty's Secret Service and millions of other books are available for instant access. view . Book 11 of 14 in the James Bond (Original Series) Series . I've been making my way through the Fleming/Bond books for a while now and OHMSS was so fantastic that I started it in the morning and, despite some.

On Her Majestys Secret Service Book

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A Lancia Spyder with its hood down tore past him. On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the tenth James Bond novel—and eleventh book—by Ian Fleming, published in In , it was produced as the sixth. It was a girl driving, a girl with a shocking pink scarf tied round her hair. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (James Bond #11). Cover Image. Book Details.

Bond comes to the rescue of a beautiful and distressed woman, Tracy, who can't pay her gambling debt to the casino. He ends the night in her bed. Fascinated by this mysterious woman, Bond comes to the conclusion that Tracy plans to kill herself. While he's watching over her to keep her safe, both Bond and the woman are swept up by professional crooks.

Bond learns that the crooks work for Tracy's father, the head of the French mafia. Tracy's father offers Bond a fortune to marry his suicidal daughter, who has fallen in love with Bond. Bond refuses. Still, the two men feel a common bond. Tracy's father agrees to send his daughter for therapy, and he tells Bond that Blofeld, the crook Bond has been chasing, is alive and living in Switzerland. The Secret Service and the Swiss police fail to track Blofeld until they discover that the villain has contacted the British College of Arms to track his genealogy and prove that he is a count.

Bond arranges to meet with Blofeld in Switzerland, disguised as a researcher for the College of Arms. Disguised as an elite ski resort, the facility contains a mysterious research institute where Blofeld is supposedly researching allergies.

He's treating ten beautiful young patients with hypnotherapy. When Bond's identity is discovered, the secret agent escapes by skiing down the mountain in the middle of the night, followed by gunfire and pursued by an avalanche.

I'm interested in finding out if the new books are just as good as Fleming's.

Can't wait to find out! This book written by Ian Fleming is the 2nd installment of the Blofeld trilogy, the 1st being "Thunderball" and the 3rd being "You Only Live twice". James Bond in the beginning of this novel is thinking about his future with the secret service after spending too much This book written by Ian Fleming is the 2nd installment of the Blofeld trilogy, the 1st being "Thunderball" and the 3rd being "You Only Live twice".

James Bond in the beginning of this novel is thinking about his future with the secret service after spending too much time chasing Blofeld and never getting anywhere or even close to the man or his organisation. He is thinking about his resignation from Her Majesty's secret service when he meets a mysterious young lady who triggers him into a protective hero. With her attempt at suicide James Bond starts a chain of events that will end the book in a personal drama for James Bond and sets the mood for the third book.

It is also a very well written thriller about biological warfare. The movie while having the one time actor George Lazenby is a very faithful but enlarged version of the Fleming book. Both are well worth your time.

Just read it; You have all the time in the world. And the book always leaves me in the end with a small tear in my eye. View all 3 comments. Oct 29, notgettingenough added it Shelves: What I want to know is does James Bond have to go through airport security? Geneva airport, our plane is boarding. We have just got to the top of the security check queue which is so long today that they have extended it into the airport pathway.

That, after a ten minute wait in the fast track of Easy Jet luggage checkin. And today, of all days, is the first time our Easy Jet flight has been on time for years. Hand on my luggage when a voice says: What sort of dickwit would pack a knife in their carry on luggage?

Swiss airports? But our plane was boarding. They are inclined, in fact to believe me and turn to look at the X-ray dude who has put me in this position. Forget it. View all 4 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. There will be some spoilers here so if you don't want to see them don't read beyond this paragraph. I liked this book, it's well written and stands up well to most any thriller or drama out there.

I know I commented that I didn't care for soap opera, that usually means too heavy a dependence in a story on personal "touchy feely" emotionally soaked storyline. This however gives us James' personal life without "soaping" it up. James is ready to resign in th There will be some spoilers here so if you don't want to see them don't read beyond this paragraph. Before he can deliver his letter of resignation he saves a suicidal young woman.

Bond likes Tracy, and wants to help her but won't marry her. Tracy's father even wants James to marry his daughter. But James doesn't. Following certain "leads" James gets back in the search for Spectre however and the story moves on from there. Not giving the entire detailed rundown after all you still want to read the book Bond traces hunts finds and fights.

In the end he's about to be killed but is saved While recovering James realizes he's in love with Tracy and proposes. Then Bond mounts an assault and new attempt to capture or whatever Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The "assault" is successful, but Blofeld escapes.

As the book closes, Bond's wife Tracey is murdered on their wedding day, by Blofeld's order as vengeance in a drive by shooting.

The end works. Even as a Teen I was touched by this. This one I think is one where Fleming did some of his best work. Jun 20, Sandy rated it it was amazing. Ian Fleming's 11th James Bond book, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," was written, as was the author's wont, while on vacation at his Goldeneye retreat on the north shore of Jamaica, at Oracabessa, in the winter of No," was taking place at that same time.

I hadn't read "OHMSS" in over 40 years, but had fond memories of it being one of the best of the author's book series, and a recent rereading has served to demonstrate how accurate my memories have been.

This is one of the most suspenseful of the Bond outings, although not the most action packed, and features what is undoubtedly the most emotionally devastating wrap-up of all Bond novels. Ultimately released in April '63, and thus approaching its golden anniversary as I write these words, the book seems dated not one bit unlike, for example, certain references in "Thunderball" and still retains its ability to thrill.

In the book--for those who might not be aware, at this late date--Bond meets a suicidal young woman named Tracy di Vicenzo while at the gaming tables in the fictitious French town of Royale-les-Eaux, whose casino had been spotlighted in the first novel, 's "Casino Royale.

It seems that Blofeld has been applying at the U. And once there, he uncovers a fiendish plot involving biological warfare and "ten gorgeous girls" As mentioned above, "OHMSS" is not as action intensive as some of the other titles but does yet feature two outstanding set pieces. In the first, Bond makes a dangerous nighttime escape via skis from Blofeld's lair, narrowly avoiding being engulfed by an avalanche; in the second, Bond pursues Blofeld down a treacherous run on skeleton bobs.

Otherwise, this is more of a novel of suspense, as our undercover superspy investigates the master criminal's setup. The novel lets us see a who is on the verge of quitting the Service; a more emotional Bond, who decides that he is ready for marriage and "fed up with all these untidy, casual affairs that leave [him] with a bad conscience"! The book introduces us to Bond's new secretary, Mary Goodnight; shows us a side of Bond's chief, M, that we had not seen before; and even, amidst the suspense and thrills, features some nice bits of humor.

For example, in one scene, Irma Bunt Blofeld's hideous "secretary" points out the many celebrities visiting Piz Gloria, including Ursula Andress the female lead in "Dr. No," mind warpingly enough! Also, how amusing it is when Blofeld's birthday is revealed to be May 28, The novel also features what has come to be known as the "Fleming sweep"--a rapid pace that carries the reader along from chapter to chapter, and the utilization of an abundance of detail to engender a sense of absolute realism--to a marked degree; indeed, the amount of detail in the book is simply staggering.

This reader encountered a good references that sent him scurrying for help to the atlas, German and French dictionaries, and the assorted Interwebs for assistance; still, the result was a fuller, deeper appreciation of a page-turner that most folks would deem unputdownable. Good as Fleming is, though and make no mistake For example, during Bond's southerly helicopter flight to Piz Gloria, the mountains known as the Silvretta Group are said to be "away to starboard," although a map check reveals that they should be toward Bond's left.

That helicopter is said to be a "bright orange Alouette," although Bond later describes it as being yellow. One of the 10 girls says that Bond was discussing the possibility of Irma Bunt being a duchess "at lunch today," whereas that conversation had actually transpired at dinner the previous evening. Finally, Fleming gets the name of a genealogy book wrong; it should be "Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies," not "Baronetage.

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A brief word on the filmization, a picture that has been belittled and disparaged ever since its initial release. It is a wonderfully faithful adaptation, and the small changes that the filmmakers incorporated e. George Lazenby, in his only go at being Bond, is just fine, despite what the naysayers would have you believe; Diana Rigg is, naturally, the classiest of all the "Bond girls"; and Telly Savalas makes for an imposing Blofeld if hardly the Blofeld described in Fleming's book.

And, of course, it boasts the only tear-jerking finale of all 22 to date Bond pictures. The film was largely shot at one of the world's first revolving restaurants, which was just being constructed at the time, atop the Schilthorn 2, meters high , near Murren, Switzerland, in the area known as the Oberland. The restaurant, later christened the Piz Gloria, is still very much in operation today.

Boy, would I love to go! Jun 19, El rated it really liked it Shelves: This is that one Bond movie that featured George Lazenby, some guy no one had heard of before and has never heard of since.

My childhood memory of the movie was that this was a real snooze and I've always possibly unfairly blamed Lazenby for that. Sean Connery was never boring, was my reasoning. Also not true. In any case, because my childhood memories can be somewhat persuasive in spite of being highly illogical or unreliable , I wasn't particularly looking forward to seeing this one again.

I was pleasantly surprised! The movie really isn't as bad as my memory told me, and more surprisingly was that Lazenby wasn't nearly as bad as I thought I remembered.

Wtf, Memory? This is probably the first of the Bond movies to have a somewhat surreal tone to it Lazenby wears a kilt at one point and hypnosis to cure allergic reactions to things like And, I'm sorry, can I just say? Telly Savalas as Blofeld.

Who came up with that one? Brilliant, I say. Just brilliant. As far as the book - again with the surprises! The movie actually is very close to the original book which might be the first I've encountered in this experience.

There weren't any scenes in the book that I wished had been included in the movie. The movie certainly embellished on some things, but as usual the movie tones down some of Bond's more disturbing behaviors, like seducing a woman just by putting his hand on her breast.

I'd argue that if there's ever any hypnosis going on, it's being done by Bond.

No one can have women drop their drawers as quickly and easily as these Bond girls without some brainwashing. Bond himself is actually somewhat chill in this book. He calls his future wife a "goose" at one point, and he sleeps with some women in her absence. But compared to some of the books that I've read before this one, I'd have to say this one is almost normal.

This could be attributed to the fact that there's an actual love story here between Bond and the Countess Teresa "Tracy" Draco, daughter of the head of the Unione Corse.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Another surprise! Things don't end up all fluffy as one would hope for Bond, however, and honestly that whole relationship felt a bit contrived, at least in the novel. We meet Tracy in the beginning, she shows up in the end, and in the middle there's this whole non-Tracy stuff going on and her appearances felt someone forced. At least in the movie this could be edited differently. So, Corsica and Switzerland, exactly two of the same places we just visited last fall - not long enough yet for the descriptions of Corsican violence and the loveliness of the Alps to not make me feel homesick for those places.

I'm not going to say that those are the reasons that I liked this book and maybe even the movie more than the others I've read so far, but they're probably contributing factors. Next up Diamonds Are Forever. Oct 14, Daniel rated it liked it Shelves: Bond, as a character, was a bit more introspective than I had expected he'd be, and while the book was a touch misogynistic, it wasn't as terribly so as I had feared going in.

While the book met my expectations, it never really went beyond them, thus the three-star rating. I'll probably read more Bond books, as this one was fun, but can't see myself becoming a huge Ian Fleming fan. View 1 comment. I think this one is my favourite of the Bond novels. Espionage, romance, action etc. Bond is at his most human in this novel. Sep 24, Brian rated it it was amazing. No, it's really not so odd: Because of Tracy, though, it all works best on top of a solid foundation of the other books.

Lazenby is a good Bond and it's remarkable how well he handles the final scene, which is the diciest of them all. Movie Bond is a superman who is never really hurt and never truly threatened--that's why he can crack his stupid jokes after supposedly facing mortal danger.

It's also why it's hard to generate any meaningful suspense, or indeed any sympathy for the character. Though still one of the very best Bond movies, it's the all-too-frequent appearances of Movie Bond that prevent this from rising above its franchise into the wider world of great movies. It has been awhile since I have seen the movie, but from what I remember the book and the movie are fairly similar. Finished reading it today.

The basic story goes like this - Bond is driving through some exotic mountain road in Europe. A beautiful woman driving a fast car passes him. Bond tries to catch up with her but he can't.

Later he discovers that she is trying to commit suicide. He saves her. But she doesn't thank him. She seems to be a troubled soul. Then Bond is kidnapped by some bad guys. It turns out that the kidnapper is a godfather style head of mafia. He is also the beautiful woman Tracy's father. He asks Bond to marry her. Bond says he will think about it. Meanwhile Bond is in search of his nemesis, the villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who wants world domination. Bond ends up in the Alps in a research clinic, where Blofeld seems to be the research doctor.

There are many beautiful young women in the clinic. They are all attracted to Bond. And then blah, blah, blah. You have read the book or watch the movie to find out more.

So how does the book compare to the movie? One of my friends says that Bond movies are better than the books. I had mixed opinions on that, but with the evidence of this book, I have to agree. The movie stays faithful to the book mostly, but in many cases the scenes are rearranged in the movie to create a better dramatic effect. For example, in the first scene, the movie improves upon the book. Also, I loved the movie Tracy more than the book Tracy. It helped that Diana Rigg delivered a charming, brilliant performance as Tracy.

Also the skiing scenes are breathtaking and spectacular in the movie. And so is the avalanche scene - amazingly spectacular. To be fair to the book, the skiing scenes are pretty well described there - they are very informative. The relationship between Moneypenny and Bond is beautifully depicted in the movie.

Moneypenny is missing in the novel. The things where the book scores over the movie are these - in the book, Bond feels like a real person. He is not the cool, stylish Bond of the movie. For example, in the book, when Bond tries to escape from the bad guys by skiing down the Alpine slope, he is not sure whether it is going to work, because he hasn't done skiing in a long time and he is not great at it. In the movie, Bond just puts on his skis and starts skiing down the Alpine slope like he owns the place and it feels like we are watching a gold medallist in the winter Olympics in action here.

The movie also has other flaws - Blofeld starts as an interesting villain and ends up becoming a cartoon villain. Inspite of its flaws, I liked the movie more - the scenes are more dramatic and the scriptwriters have taken liberty with the book in mostly the right ways.

I thought Ian Fleming's prose was good, but it is passable at best. MacLean wrote better first pages - his first pages were literary, humorous and spectacular - his prose was gorgeous, he told better stories and the drama and suspense and surprises in his books were better.

I have read it atleast ten times. If you like spy novels, I will recommend highly that you read that. Fleming's Bond novels are predictable with passable prose.

His formula of the handsome British spy who drives fast cars, drinks martinis, gambles in casinos, charms beautiful women, gets chased by bad guys by cars and boats and planes through exotic locales like Europe and Florida and the Bahamas and how he always wins in the end with the beautiful woman in tow - this must have been irresistible to the readers and movie makers of his time.

It is formulaic, predictable, escapist, but it is the kind of reading you might enjoy on the beach on a hot summer day. Some of the things mostly useless that I learnt from the book: But this could not be considered a crime under the laws of Switzerland, and particularly not having regard to Article 47B of the banking laws.

Take that, English folks! This Bond family might be related to our James Bond, Spy. Piz is the smallest, alp is the middle one, berg is the tallest. Sometimes alp and berg are used interchangeably.

No', makes an appearance in this story. There was only one rule. Get your hands to your boots and grip your ankles. Then, if you were buried, there was some hope of undoing your skis, being able, perhaps, to burrow your way to the surface He painted in water-colour.

He painted only the wild orchids of England, in the meticulous and uninspired fashion of the naturalists of the nineteenth century. There are well-authenticated cases of the successful treatment by these means of such stubborn disabilities as Ian, you might be dead for fifty years, but you are in trouble now, buddy: I have enough.

Tracy has enough.

It will be fun saving up to download something we want but can't quite afford. That is the only kind of money to have - not quite enough. When the sun gets hotter in May, and nearly melts my brain, I might get back to my next Bond novel. For now, it is time to get back to 'The Power of the Dog' by Thomas Savage, the dark, bleak, depressing kind of book that I read on a normal day.

Normal service resumed: What do you think about it? Apr 21, Howard Olsen rated it it was amazing. One of the great Bond books, this is the one famous for ending with Bond being married to Tracy, one of his conquests it's also famous as the only Bond film starring the immortal George Lazenby.

It also has a typically epic adventure as Bond travels to the Swiss Alps to stop Blofeld from attacking British agriculture with biological weapons. Of all the Bond books, this is probably the one that works best as a piece of literature. We learn a lot about Bond's character: The story begins with his drafting of a resignation letter, but once he is on the trail of Blofeld, we can sense his excitement and sense of duty Bond's ski-bound escape from Blofeld's mountain is one Fleming's best adventure writing.

You could even say this book has a theme: He also acquires a hearty father-in-law from a Corsican crime family. Bond also develops a touching relationship with Tracy, whom he comes to love, even after treating her dismissively after their initial night together.

Bond's relationship with father-figure M is also explored, as is the effect on family life that a career in the Secret Service can have.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service recap: a 007 outlier with a truly human Bond

Appropriately, Bond's cover for infiltrating Blofeld's organization is as a geneologist and expert in heraldry. The relationships within the book are also well developed; I don't think there's another Bond book that delves so much into the relationship between Bond and M, for example.

But everyone with whom Bond interacts - from the casino employees at Royale to Blofeld's henchmen to the women Bond encounters in Switzerland - all have fully formed interactions with Bond. This is not to say this is a perfect book. For one thing, it gives every indication of being two books that were combined into one.

Tracy disappears from the middle section of the book and has little to do with the Blofeld plot until she appears out of nowhere to rescue Bond babeus ex machina.

I don't think it would have required too much effort for Fleming to place Tracy on Blofeld's mountain or at least the periphery ; but, then again, that would mean Bond would not have been able to seduce one of Blofeld's women so If you are a Bond fan, casual or serious, this is one of the essential ones.

Even if you are not a Bond fan, and have perhaps been put off by the dated racism and sexism in some of his other books, there's nothing to worry about here.

This is really a great book and one I can't recommend highly enough. Feb 12, Judy rated it really liked it Shelves: I don't know what came over me but I decided to read all of Ian Fleming's James Bond books as well as see, or see again, all of the movies. The part of my autobiography I am currently working on involves the Cold War years and its effect on my life as a young adult, so I thought reading these books and watching the movies would give me the flavor of that from a spy's perspective.

Though there were more literary authors writing spy fiction during the Cold War John le Carre, Graham Greene, etc , I don't know what came over me but I decided to read all of Ian Fleming's James Bond books as well as see, or see again, all of the movies. Though there were more literary authors writing spy fiction during the Cold War John le Carre, Graham Greene, etc , I think it was the glamorous James Bond who captured our imagination in the United States and the movies just inflamed us more.

I made a list of the books. They span 13 years with as many books. The releases of the movies were in a completely different order. For example, Fleming's first book, Casino Royale , was published in but the movie came out in The first movie was Dr No in though that book was published in I started with On Her Majesty's Secret Service because it was published in and that is the year I am reading right now.

I don't know yet how I will coordinate the reading and movie watching. In any case, it was an entertaining read and I knocked it off in one day.

There is a beautiful, sexy girl of course , Bond's old enemy Blofeld from earlier books, the head of the French mafia the girl's father , a Swiss hideout, lots of skiing, and even genealogy is involved. Bond seems to have found the love of his life but a spy is never in control of his heart's desire. The skill of Ian Fleming lies in this: Every other spy fiction writer creates his own variation of this, but after reading just one book, I don't think any of them does it better than Ian Fleming.

May 14, Rob Thompson rated it really liked it Shelves: It was first published in It is the second book in what is known as the "Blofeld trilogy". Fleming wrote the book in Jamaica whilst the first film in the Eon Productions series of films, Dr.

No, was being filmed nearby. In some ways it is a typical Fleming book. The plot is over the top and the story is exciting. Bond is in danger throughout. We also get the customary large scale battle at the end.

But in other ways Fleming departs from his normal blueprint as he shows an emotional side to Bond. Bond visits the grave of Casino Royale's Vesper Lynd, which he apparently does every year.

He also asks the enigmatic Tracy to marry him after becoming emotionally involved. Both Bond and Tracey appear to be isolated people who both want more security in life.

Fleming is also great at the descriptive passages too. The scenes on the beach or in the Alps are well depicted and expressed in a way without breaking up a flow in the narrative. Fleming does insist on protracted explanations of card games and alpine sports.

It pits Bond against his arch nemesis Blofeld's and is one of the better books. The mingling of Bond's personal life into the tale elevates this book higher than most in the series and this keeps the reader gripped until the end. Read by ex-Bond girl Joanna Lumley. Jul 29, Jen rated it it was ok Shelves: Let me preface this by saying that I read the James Bond books because of the adventures, not for the "love". Because the "love" in these stories is apparently the male fantasy.

Why anyone would want a woman to act like these women do is beyond me. And sorry to say Ian Fleming has no idea what women are really like. He can't honestly believe that most women have rape fantasies. Being man-handled--yes--but raped? I don't freakin' think so. I know, I know. Why do I read these books when they irrita Let me preface this by saying that I read the James Bond books because of the adventures, not for the "love".

Why do I read these books when they irritate me so? Because there aren't a lot of adventure books out there that appeal to me. It sucks. Aug 29, Smiley aka. View all 6 comments. Bond gets married! Her fate is predictable of course. Date read is a guess. May 11, Timothy Boyd rated it liked it. Forget ever James Bond movie you ever saw when you read the books.

Jan 08, Douglas Engle rated it really liked it. So I'm going to start out by saying that I was dead wrong about this book, and that I'm not beyond admitting it. Well, maybe that's too much. I was right, for the reasons I cited, but when I gave the book a chance after those reasons came to light, I found that Fleming had really kicked over into another gear to write this book.

I couldn't put it down after that, and I grew as a person and a reader. Here's the original review: The repetition of circumstances, tropes, poor decisions, and scant to negligible character growth, have all begun to weigh heavily on my experience. I said as much in my recent review of Quantum of Solace. So I force myself to go back to my first few reviews, to redefine what it was that compelled me to enjoy and seek to read this series. Bond is amazing.

As a concept, and as an execution, Fleming's Bond is a masterstroke. Pick up any of his novels and you get a brilliantly written anti-hero, fallible, dupable, sometimes downright stupid, a well full of bad luck, but yet daring, suave, definitely enviable, magnetic!

Sadly, it is perhaps because he was so masterfully wrought initially that he has suffered from stagnation. From book to book we get glimpses of his feelings about the world, his job, the women, but they're fleeting, incomplete, and get lost in the hubbub of the missions, rarely to be reflected past the first 30 or so pages of each book. In fact, Bond rarely has a credible human reaction to anything. It's all Originally these were fun.

They were unique, and new. Despite having seen the films, seeing these predicaments work themselves out in print was an entirely new gamut of fun.

Then they became only palatable. Then they became worn.

On Her Majesty Secret Service by Fleming, First Edition

And too often, the sheer credulity they demanded of the audience was vastly disproportionate to the eventual solution and payoff they returned. Fleming could have done well with a bit more procedural here, a little less fancy, just to keep a balance.

Or should I say, the tension.

In the first few novels, Fleming was able to tell his stories, tropes and all, with a degree of finesse, keeping the reader keyed into Bond's travails, hopeful for his well return. Now that the series is familiar to me, I don't feel that any more. It feels like reading by rote. The tension is now not tied to the stories, but to the conventions of the stories. I anticipate not what Bond will find around the next corner, but on what page he will be artlessly captured, tortured, and somehow, miraculously set free.

And what I do is try to extract every bit of enjoyment I can from Fleming's excellent prose prior to that moment, and throw the book across the room after I find it. This particular installment began excellently. Bond was experiencing and relating that experience very humanly. There was some intrigue.

He was captured! Then there was a girl, and then the plot went somewhere else. So I chucked it. I might pick it up again just to finish it out, because apparently Bond finds a wife in this one, and the exposition was good enough to warrant the effort in finishing it out.

Fleming actually begins to write a procedural investigation, and ensures that Bond not only plays a real and believable cover character, but a real, believable, and human real character. And as Bond makes sensible decisions! I have to say Bravo, and I've picked up Thunderball, which I also tossed recently, so I can finish it, and the next book- and I'm excited again.

I really am. Nov 03, Benjamin Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: This Bond title is probably best known for the movie version because it is the only one to star George Lazenby. While the movie is not often listed among the best-of-Bond lists, the novel itself is one of the better Bond novels. After the events of Thunderball , James Bond is questioning his future with the Secret Service and has, in fact, mentally prepared a letter of resignation.

His future plans This Bond title is probably best known for the movie version because it is the only one to star George Lazenby. His future plans are considerably altered through the characters he meets and the hunt for the villain, Ernst Blofeld, who has embarked on a massive biological warfare scheme.

The novel is largely known as the most emotional of the Bond novels for there is true romance and love here as well as a horribly tragic ending which will leave Bond in a state of depression at the beginning of the next book, You Only Live Twice. Only three more books to go in the series covering 4 stories and I look forward to each of them.

The first time I read the Bond books I was a teenager, and at that tender age I have to confess that I thought Fleming actually knew what women were all about, which probably explains my spectacular lack of success with them in my younger years. On reading them a second time around, I have to say and it seems I'm not the first , the guy had no idea about women. So, if we accept that Fleming was a social neanderthal, we can concentrate on the story.He doesn't generally practice violence against women in the books unless it's absolutely and I mean absolutely necessary.

The Times Literary Supplement. Bond is disappointed to hear it - he thinks she is quite out of his league. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. James Bond. Peter Ellis bookseller Published: Bond is too weak to take on Blofeld's henchmen alone and she helps him escape to the airport.

Fleming has reformed his own story-telling which had been getting very loose". Published by Signet, New York First edition, first impression.

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